Where Healing Comes From Within...

Massage reflects human instinct to

touch & caress each other.

The power of touch is widely believed

in relieving pain & healing sickness.

Celestial Healing offers various kinds of

massages & energy therapies

 to heal the soul.




Reiki - Is a powerful holistic therapy that uses energy to revitalise the mind, body, spirit and emotions. The effect of Reiki is to stimulate the bodies natural healing abilities which work with the meridian system and chakras. Reiki is a non-invasive and non- religious therefore will not contravene any personal beliefs and is a truly unique experience.



Lomi Full Body Massage - 2 hours of clearing away issues that are deep within your aura, using a deep body massage



Access Consciousness - this treatment runs 32 bars on your head, to clear all blockages in your life from birth to past lifes. Very deep life changing therapy.



Pure Energy Healing -  Giving you exactly what you need at that present moment in your life. Clearing negative energy from your Aura & Chakra centres -



Crystal Healing - £55 

Pregnancy Massage - £55        

Indian Head Massage - Many people hold their stress and tension in their shoulders and temples. Indian head massage is the perfect way to relieve this tense feeling and feel rejuvenated. Spending time massaging your shoulders, neck and head making you feel completely uplifted and relaxed.



Balinese Massage - A full body massage combining different massage techniquesof pressure points, palm pressure. leaving the body relaxed, relieving sleep disorder & sport injuries too.



Digestive Detox- Invigorating colon massage with rejuvenating navel candling in order to stimulate the lymphatic system. Removing blockages and improves menstrual cramps and eliminates the body of any impurities.


Reflexology- works on the same principle as acupunture however it is a non-invasive treatment. Instead of using needles, simple pressure is applied though fingers to the minute reflex points in and around the feet and hands.This in turn has a stimulating effect on specific parts of the body. It is a safe form of treatment to receive as well as being very relaxing. Normally carried out on a weekly basic for 6 weeks.The purpose of a course of treatments is to help back down tension and alleviate stress, it also helps improve the nerve functioning and blood supply throughout the body.

Body spin - In the realm of our subconscious mind lies a vast library containing the details of our life stories. Acting as a book mark particular memories of these stories hold our physical symptoms in place. Bodyspin allows us to tap into this consciousness-the source of all this is to be guided to the origin of the imbalance. Our bodies are a profound organism which is designed to accommodate and express the essence of who we are. It is interconnected with the essence and to the large form via a series of gateways that when open allow the streaming of energy from the cosmos. (the microcosm) into the body (the microcosm). These gateways or vortex centers are what are commonly know as Chakras and other centers are located primarily in the joints of the body. They are our connection with universal energy and through them we access deep levels of healing. £45


House Clearing/spirit removal - Do you have any uninvited visitors in your home that are taking  control over you life....Let us come in to send them to the lightm back home to loved ones where they belong.


Hopi Ear candles- Is aimed to be very soothing and with the aid of slight warmth,to encourage ease of pressure.It may help with headaches,blocked sinuses,inner ear wax (after flying or driving) removing excessive ear wax.Relaxing and calming effects in case of stress.Successful intreating,sleeping disorders and snoring.


Swedish Body Massage-This massage is tailored to your specific needs to break down tension,relax tired muscles and relieve aches and pains.

This form of massage is excellent for people who prefer a deeper massage including sports injuries and tissure damage,but can also be a gentle relation treatment.

Full Body £45 (with Hot Stones £55)

Hot stone Back Massage- Excellent for Men or Women the stones traditionally work deeper with a firmer pressure excellent relief for tension,aches and pains eg arthiritic pain.



Pregnancy Massage- £55 (1hr 15mins)

Qualified therapist will make you feel truly blissful, you & baby....


Bamboo Massage- from £40 Back & £55 full body (1hr)


Crystal Healing - £55



Free therapies for cancer patients, please call for more information.


A 24 hour notice is needed to cancel all appointments, & if not booked a next appointment within 3 days of cancelling, a 50% charge will be added to your next appointment.

Please understand we have a business to run, so we can support our cancer patients !



Celestial Healing

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