Life Alignment

A System of Healing and Transformation


Life Alignment is a new system of vibrational healing that we believe has the potential to become as important as Reiki. Over the last 20 years, the Life Allignment process has been quietly handed down from higher dimensions to a healer in Canada called Jeff Levin, with the instruction, when the time is right, to make it available to everyone.



How Does it Work?


Life Alignment works with the individuals higher consciousness - accessed through muscle testing and dowsing -  to discover the underlying mental, emotional and spirtual causes of disease.


Using this method, the self-limiting beliefs and repressed feelings underlying the patient's illness are accessed with uncanny accuracy, made conscious and then removed through a combination of of channeled healing energy and something more mysterious still - vortex cards. Vortex Cards emit sub-atomic particles which re-align and harmonize our physical and subtle bodies so that healing can happen rapidly and with ease.


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One Session - £55

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